Welcome to Bible Fellowship Church...on the web! We're glad you've visited us today. Perhaps you're here because you are looking for a church to attend, or maybe you are just curious as to what we're about. As a church we do many things - provide programs, help the poor and needy, create community for people to belong - but most of all we love and worship God. At Bible Fellowship, we say it all the time:

It's all about Jesus!

As Christians, we desire to share the good news of salvation that God has brought to us through Jesus' death and resurrection. We also desire to grow in our faith, serve others around us, and spread God's love throughout the world.Please take a moment to browse our website and get some more information about us. We have lots of content available for you. Clicking on the "I Am New" section at the top would be a great place to start. More importantly, however, we would simply invite you to come check out our church for yourself. We hope to see you this Sunday.


Latest News

  • Big Ticket Festival 2015 - Thank you to everyone who went out to Big Ticket Festival’s tenth anniversary in Gaylord, Michigan. They had over 10,000 people, and within 1 day, sold out of next year’s first 500 passes. If you have photos or videos, feel free to share them with us on Facebook!
  • Sermon – Where Did We Go Wrong? - Hey everybody! Check out today’s sermon on “Where Did We Go Wrong?” This is the first part of a two part sermon.   Click here to hear this sermon!
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Adventure Camp 2015 - Tour God's Word With The Rizers!

Adventure Camp is back! We invite children in Kindergarten to grade 5 to join us for a week of fun and learning as we Tour God's Word together! August 17-21 Daily 1-4pm @ Bible Fellowship Church (756 Landslide Road, SSM) Cost $25 per child Adventure Camp activities include creative Bible teaching, sports, outdoor activities, crafts, snacks, great music, skits, prizes, and more! Registration is now open! To register, go to http://saultfellowship.com/adventurecamp/ The $25 fee per child is payable at the door. For any questions, please contact Adventure Camp co-ordinator Jeremy Edgar at 705-257-8715 or jeremyedgar3@gmail.com

August 17, 2015 - August 21, 2015

We are bringing kids ministry to the kids this summer...check it out:

The Faire

1-3 PM Monday-Friday Kids ages 3-10 FREE Games, Skits, Art Sponsored by Bible Fellowship Church

July 27, 2015 - July 31, 2015